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Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Surgical Governance
It is critical to a successful Perioperative Program to have an effective/healthy Surgical Governance Committee. To be the most effective, we believe this committee should consist of leaders from all of the surgical subspecialties working in the Operating Room or procedural areas; and should be co-chaired by Senior Leadership in Perioperative Services, Anesthesia and a Senior Surgeon (chief or director of surgery).  A successful surgical governance team will instill confidence among the surgeons, anesthesia providers, OR nurses and managers by balancing all the needs of the entire team. BD Perioperative Consulting has a proven track record of helping hospitals balance these needs by:
• Establishing a leadership triad (OR, Anesthesia, Senior Surgeon)
• Securing surgeon participation
• Ensuring convenient scheduling, which accommodate add-ons readily
• Guaranteeing timely room turnover and case start times
• Accommodating urgent/emergent volume
• Meeting new equipment requests
• Building and maintaining the proper skill mix of OR staff
• Recruiting and retaining clinicians / establishing a set orientation process.
BD Perioperative & Healthcare Consulting, LLC will assist in forming this committee as well as provide guidance on the selection of committee members.  We will outline agenda criteria, and meaningful data/reporting metrics.