BD Perioperative &

Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Anesthesia Negotiation

BD Perioperative & Healthcare Consulting, LLC can provide anesthesia program consulting to coordinate negotiations between one or both parties involved in anesthesia contract review and negotiations. Negotiation assistance with dual emphasis assures fairness in all aspects of the contract, with incentives aligned toward growth in volume and improved efficiency. BD Perioperative Consulting will review the rationale for an exclusive anesthesia contract and identify key issues in preparation for negotiations. Existing contract terms are assessed and changes that reflect current best practice provisions are recommended. Recommendations often include:

  • An appropriate anesthesia staffing model to cover operative and non-operative sites while minimizing costs and offering flexibility
  • Service, quality, and performance metrics that reward efficiency and improvements in perioperative program marketability
  • A coverage plan for future room expansion that includes efficiency-based criteria and goals
  • Design and management of an RFP process in order to provide anesthesia service options and validate market “fairness” of financial support parameters