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Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Supply Chain Management:

The OR suite represents more than 40% of total hospital supply expenditures and faces several unique management challenges:

  • The OR has the highest inventory value of all departments.
  • Standardization in the OR is difficult.
  • On shelve inventory can tie up millions of dollars of the budget.
  • OR supply expenses can surpass labor expenses.
  • Logistics/distribution systems are complicated.

BD Perioperative & Healthcare Consulting, LLC recognizes that your surgery supply chain program requires dedicated and systematic management of:

  • Product use evaluation and standardization
  • Preference card maintenance and utilization
  • Commodity and equipment purchasing and allocation
  • Instrument purchasing, tray management, and utilization
  • Inventory management
  • Supply acquisition and distribution logistics
  • Instrument processing
  • Waste, loss, and theft
  • Nursing and anesthesia practice
  • Quality assurance

Foundations of supply chain management:

Create a well-defined and focused organizational structure, including complete training of all individuals to perform the materials management-related functions in their respective positions

Establish formal communication and evaluation process along with a multidisciplinary, decision-making bodies to administer standardizations and monitor the supply cost management program

Identify, collect, and use information for management decision making, performance and cost measurement, and utilization review

Develop and use systems and tools for the daily management of inventory

Devise long-term cost reduction strategies