BD Perioperative &

Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Improved Outcomes

 BD Perioperative Consulting is your partner and will work with you to guide process change.  Leveraging your team skills and experience will improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.  BD Perioperative Consulting is an expert in empowering and motivating teams.    

Innovative Solutions

As your business partner, BD Perioperative Consulting will evaluate each assignment and quickly work with you to develop a sustainable action plan.  BD Perioperative Consulting is clinically active and understands the demands, challenges and your frustrations.  Experience as a VP of Surgical Services, years of operational and clinical experience.   

Change Management

Today’s healthcare systems are rapidly moving through “Change”. This transformation is taking place in every aspect of the healthcare environment especially in the Perioperative arena. BD Consulting has vast experience in Change Management and can guide Perioperative Programs through the required and difficult changes that have to be made to be successful in today’s healthcare environment. Our experience in leadership, team development, strategic goal setting and creating interdepartmental relationships; BD Consulting has had great success getting large groups to make departmental change leading to the achievement of organizational goals and success.