BD Perioperative &

Healthcare Consulting, LLC

Data Analysis:

Making your data work for you in any organization or business is imperative. To be successful in today's healthcare environment the use of data is critical to success because data drives decisions. BD Perioperative Consulting can assist your organization or hospital to establish the following data reports.

  • Perioperative Dash Boards
  • Room turn over time data analysis (per specialty, by surgeon, anesthesia provider and circulating nurse)
  • On time start data
  • Total case time data by surgeon per procedural CPT and ICD 10 codes
  • OR utilization rates - Block time utilization rates (by surgical subspecialty and surgeon)
  • Manpower Data analysis (Overtime, unscheduled Overtime, Productivity)
  • SPD Data analysis (Immediate use sterilization rates)
  • Surgical supply cost analysis (product evaluation, surgical procedure costs broken down by surgeon, supply waste costs)
  • Use financial, data, and math/statistical experts to solve critical Perioperative & Healthcare finance problems:
    • Activity-Based Costing: Shows Where a Health Care Organization Makes (or Lose) Money? 
    • Capital Applications:   Where does the facility get the most bottom line from its Capital Expenditures?

Through the utilization of the above data reports, BD Perioperative Consulting will collaborate and assist your organization to improve OR / Procedural area utilization and identify opportunities to increase procedural case volume. The data analysis will identify areas where manpower and overtime cost can be reduced, as well as identifying supply cost savings. Use of these data reports will allow you to focus process improvement efforts in the right place and demonstrate that organizational and national quality metrics are met.