BD Perioperative &

Healthcare Consulting, LLC

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Our Services

  • Financial Performance
  • Optimizing Throughput
  • Block Scheduling
  • Operational Enhancement
  • Compliance Preparation
  • Leadership Development & healthcare Recruitment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Departmental Review
  • Sterile Processing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Physician Satisfaction
  • Contract Negotiation


Client result:

Within the first six months of the fiscal year our client generated $26.8 million in revenue and cut personnel cost by $1 million.

Over the course of 2 yrs through improvements in OR utilization and scheduling we helped our client grow their OR case volume by 4% and 6% consecutively.

Negotiated a single vender Total Joint contract for the standardization of all primary joint replacements at a 20% cost savings to the organization.

Established an aggressive flex staffing process matching staff to work load, which reduced labor cost by $350K annually.

Negotiated a new Anesthesia Group contract to expand services, reduce supply cost and lower contract cost.  The new contract provided 24 / 7 anesthesia coverage while saving $250K annually. 

​Successfully completed a Perioperative Consultant contract with Sutter Solano

Successfully completed a Joint Commission survey with Zero findings in the Perioperative Directorate at Sutter Solano, Keck Medical Center at USC, Los Angeles and Norris Cancer Hospital at USC, Los Angeles

Expanded surgical capabilities by 20% Sutter Hospital

​Expanded Surgical Capabilities by 40% Norris Cancer Hospital

​Established New 4 room Endoscopy Center Keck Medical Center at USC 

​Supervised the construction and establishment of a 6 room Orthopedic Surgery Center Keck Medical Center at USC

​Team Member for the 2017 Nursing Contract Renegotiation between Keck Medical Center and the California Nurse's Association

Spearhead OR Suite renovation, updating surgical lights, substeriles and electrical capabilities within the ORs Sutter Hospital

Identified deficits in Central Sterilization plant operations and brought newly renovated department on line.  Sutter Hospital

Reduced personnel cost by eliminating three Contract Positions - Sutter Hospital

With 30 years of experience in Perioperative and Healthcare Leadership, BD Perioperative Consulting, LLC has the knowledge and vision to successfully lead change management and process improvements.  As your partner, BD Perioperative Consulting will work with you through the entire process and provide the tools you need to maintain changes in these areas:

Decreased cost per surgical procedure
Improved physician & staff satisfaction
Process improvement
Marketability - Increased case volume
Strategy planning

About Us

Perioperative Services or Surgical Services is the engine driving 65% of a hospitals revenue. Today’s complex and ever changing world in healthcare demands expertise in optimizing financial performance, workflow efficiency all while improving patient satisfaction.  These are not easy challenges.   BD Perioperative & Healthcare Consulting, LLC will partner with your organization to find sustainable solutions to optimize your perioperative business, leveraging our team’s talent to provide effective and efficient patient care, while cutting cost and generating profit.BD Perioperative & Healthcare Consulting, LLC has over 30 years of perioperative and anesthesia knowledge, which enables us to be highly capable of providing solutions to complex healthcare issues and the ability to generate revenue contributions.  Our real world experience, passion for efficiency and standards of excellence in patient care is the foundation of each partnership BD Perioperative & Healthcare Consulting, LLC builds with your organization. Through a collaborative partnership we can help your Heathcare Organization achieve financial stability, patient and staff satisfaction and Continual Growth.